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Work hard and play hard’. Taken out of context, this saying could land you in a world of irresponsible trouble; but if applied responsibly, it advises you to work hard but also make time to enjoy your life. Basically, it’s all about balance. As busy women, juggling multiple professional and even domestic duties, creating balance should surpass all the things on our to-do lists. Without balance, we deprive ourselves of happiness and fulfillment in our lives. All work and no play can make you a boring girl; and that’s not what ‘living’ is about.

Webster’s Dictionary defines balance as a mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment. Basically in order to make the right decisions, not feel overly stressed and not be considered an emotional wreck, we all need balance. Such a simple word can drastically change our lives for the better.

These five habits can assist you in creating balance in your life.

Don’t Forget ‘Me’ Time

We all need it, that time alone that allows us to be ourselves, by ourselves. Whether choosing to make it a solo movie night or taking yourself out to a movie, we all need time alone. Choose a day of the week for at least an hour or so where you can pamper yourself (shopping spree, at-home spa, movie, etc) or simply lie around and do nothing. The idea is to enjoy your time alone. Every girl needs it.

Meditate For Balance

Whether your thing is to ‘woo-sah’ a few times a day or take deep breaths, meditation is needed when attempting to create balance. Meditation is proven to re-balance the two hemispheres of our brains. No matter what your religion or spiritual preference, mediating or sitting in silence to be in tune with your own thoughts and feelings is a must. From yoga to prayer and devotion, figure out what type of motivation works for you and implement it intoyour life daily. Start and end each day with meditation to create balance.

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