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It’s an average day and you’re walking with your children across a busy intersection that will soon be hidden in darkness. You and your three children are dropped off by the bus and trying to make it to your home across a busy intersection before it gets dark and oncoming traffic won’t be able to see you. But the unthinkable happens as you try to make it across. You and your children are struck and even with your own injuries, you realize one of your children are hurt far worse than any of the rest of you.

Raquel Nelson, 30, of Marietta, Ga., lost her 4-year old son A.J., in that horrific accident and the law threw the book at her for jaywalking. The incident occurred April 10, 2010, and the hit and run driver did only six months behind bars, even though he had two prior convictions for hit and run. According to NBC’s Today show, Jerry Guy ”…admitted at the time to having consumed alcohol earlier in the day while also on pain medication. Guy is also partially blind in one eye.” Now, how in the hell do you get to come outside like that and kill someone’s child and only receive six months in jail? There’s definitely a flaw in the matrix.

Nelson also mentions during her interview with the Today show that her jury was filled with people who do not take public transportation, so they had no idea what she was up against in trying to get home everyday crossing a busy intersection with three children. There’s a petition that has been created to help her get leniency from the judge for her sentencing. How much more can she be persecuted? Do you really want to be the judge that takes her from her other children by placing her behind bars for three years to be reminded of her son’s death every day she’s on the inside.

Check out this horribly conflicting set of circumstances that could be one of the worst calls made in our justice system. Source

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