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We thought it was bad when we found out Bishop Eddie Long was soliciting young boys for sex, but how do you feel about a pulpit in the middle of a swingers club that offers strippers, onsite sex, beds, condoms, pornography on the big screen and, we believe, much more? All of the “perks” are offered to those who want to engage in sexual activities with someone other than their spouse and maybe even allow the spouse to join in.

Glenn Hudson is the owner of The Playground and it must be a play on words because anything goes on the playground.  The city of Dallas had been investigating the activities at “11300 block of Harry Hines Boulevard that has a certificate of occupancy as a church, mosque or synagogue” for three months.

Hudson contends that he is a pastor in the Universal Life church and has also helped others get ordained.  The Universal Life church site says they have ordained over 20 million people worldwide.  He refers to The Playground as an “outreach mission.”  I guess that means, parishioners take the “hands-on” approach to relieving the stresses of life.  He’s also in court about another property, “The Darkside” which he refers to as a “youth outreach ministry.”  This is what authorities referred to as a drug-infested after hours club.

What’s next! Is he going to open something called The Daycare and cater to preteens who wanna try drugs and alcohol and call that a drug and alcohol prevention center?  This is nuts.  Read more here at NBC.

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