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As she throws a spin on Joshua 24:15, web-evangelist Ty Adams declares in a video blog, “But as for me and my house, we shall party!”

Christian nightclubs are springing up all across the country, many in some of America’s largest cities. God is placing desires on the hearts of His people–desires to transform the lives of the unsaved through yet another transformation, that of a traditional club. The alcohol, smoke and racy lyrics are eliminated from the scene of these new clubs.

Ex-offender Nicholas Taylor answered a call from the Lord as he opened Chrisitan’s Delight, a Christian-friendly nightclub in Forest Park, Ohio, on Friday.

But as with many agendas that attach a Christian label, Christians have mixed feelings regarding the fruits produced in these clubs.

A majority of Charisma Facebook followers are filled with enthusiasm as they hear of this growing trend of clean fun with Christian principles.

“What a awesome place to fellowship and also to bring unsaved friends so they can enjoy the Lord and the company of the believers and also see they can still have fun and not have to party to get high,” comments Danielle Hall. “The best high is the Lord’s presence after all … this is much needed to reach the younger generation. [The] Holy Spirit will move and flow and it could become a house of fire where God moves freely and Jesus is lifted up! Yes I’m in agreement with this all the way!”

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