The people out there who are still smoking  cigarettes have to be addicted to the stuff.  How else do you explain the fact that half of them are on some kind of assistance and the other half between jobs, yet they still make a way to pay for them?

And not only are they enjoyed by those considered low income, but even the middle and upper incomers are having a problem paying for them.  Yet for some strange reason, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) believe by putting a large graphic image on the back of the pack showing various smoker’s fate from smoking cigarettes will somehow deter the smoker from smoking and may even make them quit.

It may even be difficult to make out which pack of cigarettes someone is buying because of the placement of the graphics on the cigarette pack.  According to the New York Times,  The “images are to cover the upper half of the front and back of cigarette packages.”  The campaign will begin September of next year.  And not only will the package be affected, but tobacco companies will have to dedicate 20 percent of their ad space to these health ads.

Tobacco companies are in an uproar over all of this and will probably seek legal recourse against the government.  The likelihood of them being successful…doesn’t look good!  Read more information about the fight between the government and big tobacco here.


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