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The shooting death of a 29-year-old Black man named Mark Duggan last Thursday is the reason why various cities in London are under attack by angry protestors.

His shooting at the hands of police while he was riding in a cab is when this story began.

Operation Trident, which is a unit of the London Police Department that monitors the city’s Black neighborhoods, stopped the cab Duggan was in to arrest him and soon after, shots were fired. Duggan, who is a father of three, was fatally wounded and died.

What happened next is what hasn’t ended to this day — continuous rioting.

Various reports have an exchange of gunfire between police and Duggan that eventually ended in his death. Other reports have police shooting Duggan repeatedly in the head while he was face down execution style. Forensic and ballistic reports have yet to be released.

The protests began early Saturday morning when his family and over 100 protesters went to the Tottenham Police Department demanding answers. Two hours later, several youths began looting, rioting, and vandalizing public property in Tottenham.  The rioting has spread to other parts including Brixton and Enfield.

The last huge race riot in London happened in 1985 when Floyd Jarrett, who was of AfroCaribbean origin, was stopped by police on suspicion of driving with a forged tax disc. A few hours later officers raided the nearby home of his mother, who collapsed and died during the raid. Rioting erupted shortly afterwards.

But what many fail to believe is the huge part social media has played in this as Twitter and Facebook have been means of organizing, according to police.

An investigation is currently being done on the death of Duggan.


160 people arrested in London riots after police kill Black man