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You know times are tough when ministers have it out for other ministers.

Singer and Minister of Music, Simone Moore (pictured), allegedly used a Taser on a pastor who just fired him, which set off a terrible confrontation. It ended up with a deacon stabbing the Moore’s mother.

It all went down a week ago at New Welcome Baptist Church in Alabama after Rev. Darryl Riley told Moore that he had to get gone and was released with his final paycheck.

Not so fast. Moore disputed the amount of the check  and whipped out his Taser gun and did his thing.

When several church members rushed in to attempt to diffuse the issue, a deacon pulled out a knife and stabbed the music minister’s mother, Agolia Moore.

“I said, ‘Oh my God, he done cut me,” Agolia Moore told Local 15 News. Moore, who suffered a gash on her arm that required 19 stitches, claimed church leaders ganged up on her son when he was fired. “They owed him,” Agolia said. “He asked them for his money. That was the big thing right there, wasn’t no more or no less.”

Simone Moore eventually surrendered to authorities days later and was charged with third-degree assault. Rev. Riley was struck twice on the arm with the gun’s sting and bashed on the head with the moneybox, receiving to cuts that required 32 stitches.

“The deacons and myself said we were not going to pay him because this Sunday was supposed to be his last,” Riley told the Press-Register. “At that point, he pointed the Taser at me.”

Simone Moore said he was preparing to quit and was carrying a Taser because he “didn’t trust the situation.” He claimed the church owed him $600 more. Source:

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