Well here’s an unlikely pairing–Dr. House and Steve Urkel.

Former child star Jaleel White (Urkel) will guest star in the Oct. 3 season premiere of “House” as a fellow inmate of Hugh Laurie’s House, TVLine has confirmed.

When season seven ended, House slammed his car into Lisa Cuddy’s home, which ultimately landed him in prison. But we couldn’t think of a better prison-mate than Erkel.

In recent years, the now-34-year-old actor has made guest appearances on shows like “The Game,” “Psych” and “Boston Legal.” Not to mention he even put on his finest sweater vest and plaid pants to star in Cee-Lo Green’s music video, “Cry Baby.”White also recently starred in the kid-focused “Judy Moody & The NOT Bummer Summer,” and is currently working on a romantic comedy for release next year.

He even blogged for The Huffington Post about giving everything he had to make his web series.

You can catch White on the season eight premiere of “House,” which is set to air on Monday, October 3 at 9 p.m. ET.

Not bad for everyone’s favorite geek.


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