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A young unemployed Cincinnati man died after a tooth infection spread to his brain. 24 year old Kyle Willis, a nephew of musician Bootsy Collins —seen above– was suffering from a painful toothache for the past two weeks.

Kyle’s (seen above) wisdom tooth started hurting 2 weeks ago. It needed to be pulled, but Kyle was a single father, out of work, and out of health insurance. The aspiring paralegal hoped the problem would just go away, but then he started getting headaches and his face began to swell. So he went to the ER.

“They gave him antibiotics and pain meds but he couldn’t afford to pay for the antibiotic so he chose the pain meds. And that was not what he needed,” says his aunt Patti.

Doctors told family the pain had stopped, but the infection kept spreading. It eventually attacked his brain and caused it to swell, leaving his family devastated and little Kylie without a father. Patti says they want to make sure this never happens to anyone else.

“He should have gone to the dentist to take care of the toothache and it wouldn’t have escalated to this. It’s a lesson learned by all,” says Patti.

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