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Clevelanders have learned to live with them…the potholes around town are certainly hard to miss but one neighborhood is now taking matters into its own hands!

19 Action News took action but only after residents armed with bricks, pieces wood and a bucket of dirt repaired holes they say the city wouldn’t.

It’s dangerous what people are doing. The on going traffic can be seen avoiding holes in the streets and getting close to the parked cars.

They are passing pot holes. Leroy Long says they have been on East 95th Street for awhile. The repairs were not done by the city of Cleveland but the residents themselves.

“We put bricks in this area and put pieces of wood down and took dirt in the area and put it on top of it to make it stay in place,” said Erica Ervin.

Erika Ervin, the single mother of four, had her fiance fix this one so she can pull her car out and he’s been making all the repairs except for one. One Cleveland patched back in March.

“And that’s what they came out and fixed. They passed all those holes to get to this one,” said Leroy Long.

Residents got really creative with a pile of wood but it is only going to work for so long because even that will get busted up too.

19 Action News called the city of Cleveland and they were upset that repairs were not made even though Leroy made multiple calls. Well now the city will be repairing the street, a street made passable by the hands of its residents.

Now the city of Cleveland says they will be out on East 95th street first thing Thursday morning.

They really want to work with the residents and repair the pot holes we were patrolling.


Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News