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This story is what you call “media gone wild!”  I’ve never seen a faux pas like this take on a life of its own the way that this story has.  CNN truly made the mistake of letting the n-word blare over the airwaves for all of planet earth to hear, but the offense was made worse.

Some folks on YouTube maybe thought that they’d take CNN down with changing the audio that was actually played on the show May 26, 2010.  CNN’s Kyra Phillips was playing up a fluff piece for a 103-year old African American woman, Gladys Flamer,  who was still driving her two-tone Cadillac coup de ville and soon turning 104.

If I had to play the devil’s advocate, I’d say when Kyra Phillips said “Ms. Flamer this shout outs for you,” the choice of music was a rap song, Coolio’s “Fantastic Voyage” because of her fly ride.  There’s no possible way they didn’t know there was an original version of this song that would have been more appropriate for the story.

But once folks got wind of the mistake, they took it upon themselves to put in any song they wanted.  Check out the actual footage, then the change in the next video.  Go to YouTube and they play many more offensive songs. Check it out!