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Now you would think by the time you are 96 you’re done with all of your foolishness, well I guess one woman didn’t get the memo.

Amanda Rice Stevenson is the oldest person to ever be charged with murder in the state of Florida. Her nephew 53-year-old Johnny Rice was found dead on the floor of the home he shares with his 96 year old aunt in St Augustine, Florida.

Investigators say the 96 year old retired postal worker was beefing with her nephew and police had been called to the house several times in the past month.

Rice’s wife arrived home and initially thought her husband had suffered a heart attack when she saw him lying on the floor but found his body cold.

When police arrived, they found Rice dead inside and his aunt in a back bedroom. Cops say she confessed to shooting him in the chest with a .357 caliber handgun. Court records show that she has two previous arrests, one for arson in 1995 and another four years ago for writing a bad check.

Stevenson is being held without bond and taken into custody on a charge of wilful homicide.


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