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Does anybody have a child in sports?  They can be brutal.  The parents and other adults involved find it detrimental to their child’s development to properly demolish another group of kids…or team on the field.  But in this case, the school stepped in and intervened in the sportsmanship by cutting off one student’s touchdown bonanza.  He scored seven touchdowns in one game.

According to Fox Sports’ Yardbarker, a sixth grader by the name of Demias Jimerson, 11, is a touchdown phenom for Arkansas’ Wilson Intermediate League.  Needless to say, his team is undefeated.  He’s so good that when his team was up by 14, Wilson broke out a little known rule called the “Madre Hill” Rule.  The rule is named for famous Arkansas Razorback, you guessed it, Madre Hill.  The rule states that if your team has a 14-point lead and a player has already had three touchdowns, then he’s banned from the end zone.

The principal for his school said it wasn’t to punish Jimerson, but to give the other fifth and sixth graders a chance to develop as well.  But, Jimerson is fine with it and with what seems like great parenting, he is confident in his ability and principles enough to say: “First God, then grades, then touchdowns.”

Check out the video below:


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