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A two-year-old boy recovering after falling into a 9-foot deep hole Saturday afternoon.

Little Kenneth Wheeler, Jr. fell into the hole next to his cousin’s house on Turney Road in Cleveland.

The child was rescued by firefighters and treated and released from Metro.

The homeowner tells 19 Action News the hole just recently opened up, and has water at the bottom.

Parents whose small children play in that yard are concerned it’ll happen again.

So the property owners did what they could until the city can figure out what the hole leads to.

“When he was running, he just fell. We never knew there was a hole right there,” said Shay Lane.

Shay Lane is relieved little Kenny didn’t get seriously hurt when he fell and so is the property manager.

 “This could have been a story that touches you for life.”

After 19 Action News aired a story about the accident, the landlord moved quickly to fashion a quick fix. A very heavy stone now covers the hole, and some caution tape.

“It’s still not safe because another part could give way. It’s still not safe. I will be more comfortable when it’s completely fixed properly,” Shay Lane said.

Lane says her kids are now scared to play in the yard, afraid another hole will open up.

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