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So a snippet of Lil’ Kim’s new song dropped yesterday and well, let’s just move on…

Between the Drake-esque flows and the auto tuning, an interesting and heated discussion not around the song but Lil’ Kim herself emerged with some friends of mine, who questioned if Lil’

Kim was just too old to make a comeback.

And by old, I’m not talking about played out, to which I would agree to a certain extent. At some point, any rapper over the age of 30 still trying to play the role of a 21-year old girl, chasing after trends and dressing like he/she just stepped out of a high school, needs to probably go sit down somewhere.  However, my male and female friends, believed that Lil’ Kim, who is around 36 years of age, is just too damn old period to rock the mic.  “No one wants to listen to some old lady rap.  It’s just not cute,” said one friend.

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