An elementary school teacher (not pictured) got so drunk on her lunch break that the principal thought she had suffered a stroke!

51 year old Penny Truman (not pictured) wasn’t banned from teaching despite attempting to teach four and five-year-olds after drinking an entire bottle of wine.

Other teachers at the school in leafy Putney, south-west London, called an ambulance for Truman after noticing her stumbling and slurring her words.

The principal at Hotham Primary School was concerned she had suffered a stroke, but paramedics who examined Truman in the staffroom found she was simply drunk as hell.

A disciplinary hearing found that she lied to staff at the 350-student state school the next day, telling them that her behavior had been caused by a severe migraine.

She was found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct at the General Teaching Council in Birmingham. Truman, who worked at the school from September 2003 to September 2010, has 28 days to appeal the ruling.


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