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50 Cent stopped by “Piers Morgan Tonight” last night (these damn braids though…) to discuss his success an a businessman, his charitable endeavors and never knowing his father.  He also dished on his sobriety. Watch the full in-depth interview inside….

Last night, 50 Cent chatted with Piers Morgan is one of his month in-depth interviews ever.  The viewer learned about 50’s hard-knock childhood, his role as a father and his committment to giving back to his community.  Here are some highlights:

On his father –

In what could have been a tense moment, 50 revealed that he has never met his father and that the “man” has never reached out to him.  He added that at this point in his life, he has no desire to meet him but wishes he would have been around to guide him through adolescence.

On his own relationship with his son –

From the way his own eyes lit up, it seems that 50 is a very hands on father.  He talked about offering his son advice and teaching him about learning from the mistakes of his own youth.

On how kids are subconsciously conditioned for certain lifestyles –

“We offer a male child cars, trucks, We also offer a male child guns – cap guns, a water gun,” he says. “These are toys that are manufactured for children. They manufacture that because I think they’re subconsciously trying to teach that male child to be the financial support of the actual relationship, the family, and the protector. But you can misinterpret what those things are there for. With less guidance as a child you could take that gun and have it mean, I want to shoot somebody.”

On drug use –

In one of the interviews most shocking revelations, 50 said he had NEVER done drugs and had only been “drunk” a handful of times.

“I don’t actually use drugs.  “I got a chance to watch a lot of my mother’s sisters and brothers at different periods experiment with the use of drugs or alcohol and I see them respond so differently that I stay away.”

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