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A thug with a gun takes over a fast food joint and the whole thing is caught on tape. 

So 19 Action News is asking…is Cleveland’s new crackdown on guns working?

It was a busy night at the Wendy’s on 120th and Buckeye then this! A punk starts waving a gun and then jumps over the counter demanding the cash.

The manager watched as the crook quickly lost his patience with a worker.

“Threatening her if she didn’t give it up started counting down like he was going to shoot her or whatever,” said Mike Jones.

The dude made a mistake here though. He took off his hoodie for the cameras…Thank you.

This robbery comes a month after Cleveland started a big crackdown on guns. 

  • homicide with a gun down a bit but still up 17%
  • non-deadly shootings up 13%…same as a month ago.

Customers see it like this….

“People ain’t got no jobs. Can’t take care of their families so they don’t respect life enough.”

“Ain’t no jobs, ain’t no jobs. Hard times.”

So this guy, what could be his excuse? There’s really no good reason for terrorizing honest folks earning a living.