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Last week’s job report revealed that the unemployment rate stayed stuck above 9 percent for yet another month. As scores of Americans look for work there may be some jobs that appear desirable, but are best to avoid.

Many high-paying, prestigious occupations may actually have a lot of downsides, according to CareerCast. While these jobs may pay well, they often come with considerable amounts of stress and long hours that can have anadverse affect on work-life balance.

Indeed, many of the occupations CareerCast identified as overrated are also often viewed as being highly stressful, according to another recent study by CareerCast. Corporate excutives, commercial pilots and photojournalists all count as some of the most stressful jobs, which is part of the reason they ended up in the most overrated jobs list as well. In fact, a recent study found that high-stress jobs can lead to a weakened immune system and in turn more visits to the doctor’s office.

But it’s not just stress that makes a job overrated. Demanding physical activity, like that of surgeons who spend long hours in the operating room, can also put an otherwise seemingly ideal occupation in the overrated category, according to CareerCast.

Source: MyColumbusJack