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When you look at Hollywood it’s very easy to get lost in the glitz and the glamor. It is even easier to see how a relationship can get lost among the flashing lights. With black love being in the state that it is, I think it is always refreshing to look at couples that are making it work. They have been holding it down for years and showing the world, that yes, some black couples do have it together. And hey, if they can make it work through the late night parties and the groupies than there is hope for us women out here trying to make it work out here in the real world.

Denzel & Pauletta Washington

Denzel and Pauletta met in 1977 on the set of a film. They hit it off and the rest is history. They have been married for 28 wonderful years. They have 4 children together. Their eldest son John even plays for the St. Louis Rams. That’s what you call star power. Even though women around the world would love the chance to be with Denzel, you’ve got to respect the black woman on his arm.

Magic & Earleatha (Cookie) Johnson

These two met in 1977 at a college party while they were both freshman at Michigan State. They were on and off for 14 years before they decided to tie the knot. I have always wondered how Cookie could have stayed with Magic after the whole HIV incident. Then I read an interview she did years ago about their relationship where she said, “We’ve been together off and on for 14 years and the love that we’ve built up over that time period is what I hold on to. There’s no way even though something like this happened that I was going to just throw it all away and leave him to deal with it all by himself.” If that’s not a good woman, I don’t know what it is.

Will & Jada Smith

Is there even anything else to say. I think not.

Shawn and Beyoncé Carter

You can get any better than Hip Hop & R&B royalty. It still amazes me that such powerhouses can come together and make it work they way they do. It is very clear from the way she is always throwing up her diamonds in the air to the title of her latest album that Beyoncé loves her some Jay-Z. The billionaire couple wed on April 4th, 2008. As we await the birth of music’s golden child, we should also celebrate the love that these two have for music and each other.

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