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Higher education used to mean going to college and getting a Bachelor’s Degree. But now more than ever black students are earning graduate degrees and beyond. Some more than others. The Council of Graduate Schools reported that during the 2010-2011 academic year, 176,836 of graduate students were African-American with more than 70 percent being black women. Women get it. And for good reasons. Here’s 10 of the best:


Career advancement used to come with hard work and determination. And although both play a role in promotion, an advanced degree is now required for many higher level, management level positions. In fact, many companies not only encourage their employees to go back to school, some even pay a portion if not all of the tuition costs.


Some fields are obviously only suited for those who’ve agreed to extend their education beyond a bachelor’s degree. Medical doctors, Attorneys, College professors, and researchers have always required graduate level and beyond. Some even get dual degrees just to stand out in the fields.

Career Changing:

The cubicle syndrome has created a lot of incentive for people to seek new career direction by taking the graduate school path. All to often people get burnt out, in any career and require a change for the better. Graduate School can help workers redefine themselves.


The Great Recession has made millions of Americans rethink their path to success. With workers facing lay offs, unemployment and jobs being shipped overseas, many are seeking security with a Master’s degree. Graduate school can be a tool to get you back on track.

Get Paid To Learn:

A big plus for grad students – getting paid to learn. It’s true! At least it can be. Many graduate level students work while still earning their degrees as  teaching assistants or research assistants depending on the field. Those positions typically pay three times more than minimum wage and can include some benefits and vacation time.

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