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T.I. and Tiny sat down with Jamie Foster from “Sister 2 Sister Magazine” to discuss how they met, the legal system, and whether they will have more children.

T.I. and Tiny, as always, looked great together as they roamed around Miami on foot holding hands with each other. Some fortunate photographer took cool shots of them walking spotted on Global Grind,. In Other newsTip and Tiny is also featured in the latest issue of S2S magazine. T.I. and Tiny have been through a lot, including multiple arrests, rumors of infidelity and losing a child. The couple sat down with S2S Publisher and my homie Jamie Foster Brown recently to share how they’ve been able to withstand challenges that could have ruined other relationships.

“I think adversity builds character,” T.I. said in the February issue .

Along with great character, Tiny and T.I. have also built a beautiful blended family that consists of six children. While T.I. isn’t opposed to adding a few more kids to the mix, he knows that decision isn’t solely up to him.

“I have to follow her lead,” he said, allowing Tiny to answer the question Tiny then replies “Sure”…

I am almost %100 sure they will… LOL

via TheWordEyeHeard

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