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Oh snap, here we go again! Arianna Huffington, the woman behind website The Huffington Post is under fire today after comments she made about First Lady Michelle Obama.

During an episode of her “Both Sides Now With Huffington and Matalin” radio program, multimillionaire Huffington decided to take the First Lady to task for not being Black enough. Huh!?!

Of course, she didn’t say, “Black enough,” she just said that Michelle Obama should be more like former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and visit “South Central.”

Huffington said the First Lady should avoid lavish fundraisers in swanky L.A. neighborhoods and focus more on demonstrating her compassion for people’s suffering…

I’d love [Michelle] to be more [like] Eleanor Roosevelt right now, because the country needs an Eleanor Roosevelt who’s going to go around and at the same time that she’s doing fund-raisers in Beverly Hills and Bel Air … she should go to South Central [Los Angeles], I mean, if I were Michelle Obama right now, I would not go anywhere for a fund-raiser without going and seeing the places where there is pain, where there is struggle, where there is homelessness, where there is unemployment, because we need to bring that conversation to the center of the debate and there’s nothing like a first lady or … a candidate to take us there.”

Check out the interview below…

via BlackMediaScoop

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