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Whigham Funeral Home owner, Carolyn Whigham, who handled the services for the late Whitney Houston, is vigorously denying she or her facility played a role in leaking a photo of the late singer in her casket.

The National Enquirer’s front cover photo this week is Houston lying in an open casket.

But she, along with two local pastors, admitted they know who took the photo, but will not release the name.

“It’s up to the Houston family to release the name,” said the Rev. Jethro James, pastor of Paradise Baptist Church.

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But Whigham, who has a close relationship with the Houston family, demanded an apology and reactions from those who suggested she or any of her employees had anything to do with the scandal.

“I want to clear my name and my funeral home,” said Whigham, who said she had received dozens of vicious and threatening emails and was also spit on following what Slaughter called “false and unsubstantiated rumors.”

And according to reports, while the singer’s body was at the funeral home, a team of security was watching around the clock to protect her family’s privacy. But before Houston’s body was moved to the Whigham Funeral Home, it was located at the Central Ward funeral home for five days.

The picture may have been worth as much as $500,000.

Source: EurWeb