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The trust of legendary singer and icon James Brown has been battered by greed and confusion since his death.

According to an exclusive EUR source, Sue Summer, a South Carolina journalist, high officials have been attempting to cover up money swindling and trust theft. Now the fate of Brown’s charitable trust sits in the hands of the South Carolina Supreme Court.

Summer explained that the media is vilifying the wrong parties. Original trustee of Brown’s trust, David Cannon appears to have been stealing money all along, while Robert Buchanan and Adele Pope have been fighting the court to uphold the singer’s original wishes to donate his trust funds to poor children’s education.

“In an interview with WKDK, you can hear in his own voice, James Brown says he was led by a Bible verse to use his music empire to fund education opportunities,” she explained. “He grew up very hard, so he had a lot of sympathy for poor kids… he said not everyone can have his talent, but education can get them an opportunity.”

But family members and other interests, who knew of Brown’s decision long before his death to give his wealth to needy children, challenged Brown’s decisions after his death in the court.

Thus Buchanan and Pope have been targeted. However, they’ve been attempting to keep with Brown’s original plan and Brown’s grandson,

Summer also suggested that former Att. General Henry McMaster may have had a hand in the brutal breakdown of Brown’s trust and could be financially benefiting from the confusion.

Brown’s grandson, Forlando Brown filed a lawsuit in 2008 in an attempt the interests of his grandfather. He alleged that Pope and Buchanan were illegally appointed as the trustees and would not “protect Brown’s estate plan from disinherited relatives.”

However, shortly after appearing to the media with McMaster in 2008, McMaster entered into a settlement that dismantled Brown’s Irrevocable Trust.

In an article published in Carolina Reporter & News, back in November last year, two former trustees demanded the court to renegotiate the previsions of the charitable trust and give half the funds to his own children and Tomi Rae Hynie, whose role in Brown’s wife is still unclear.

According to Debra Opri, one of Brown’s attorneys, the two were never legally married and she was not to refer to herself as his wife. She was technically still married to another man during their union.

Now that his charitable trust has been sliced in half and turned into an inheritance, it’s no longer considered charity and will likely be eaten up by taxes and other penalties, according to the source.

Source: EurWeb