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A white New Orleans cop involved in a recent fatal cop shooting of a young black man has been suspended without pay after posting crazy comments on a TV website in New Orleans in which he said Trayvon Martin acted like “a thug.”

Officer Jason Giroir (seen below) made several comments on website. 2 of those posts appear to come from an account registered to Giroir, while a third links to an account that appears to belong to his WIFE.



The comments are in response to a news article about “Hoodie Dat Day” — an event that drew a few dozen people in New Orleans to show support for Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager killed by a neighborhood watch captain in February. Martin was wearing a hooded sweatshirt — or “hoodie” — and was unarmed when he was shot in a gated community in the city of Sanford, Fla.

Following the news item, a post attributed to Girour reads: Act like a Thug Die like one! It was time-stamped Sunday evening.



About the same time, someone remarked: He acted like a thug and died like one! That post appears to come from an account belonging to Giroir’s wife.

Comments from various participants in the online discussion fell largely on racial lines and quickly turned hostile.

Posted on Monday, another comment attributed to Giroir reads: Eddie come on down to our town with a “Hoodie” and you can join Martin in HELL and talk about your racist stories!:-P It appears to be a response to another individual who took part in the online discussion.



Late Monday, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu offered characterized the online remarks as “reckless and offensive.”

“I condemn (Giroir’s) statements in the strongest of terms,” he sad. “It is an embarrassment and does not reflect the beliefs of the hundreds of police officers who put their lives on the live every day to protect and serve.”

Many on BMS were not surprised to learn that the same damn officer, Jason Giroir was involved in a shooting himself on March 1st when he pulled a vehicle over in New Orleans for traffic violations.

Moments later, with additional officers on scene, the incident escalated to a gunfight that killed one suspect, Justin Sipp, wounded a second person in the car and sent two officers to the hospital with serious gunshot injuries.



Giroir’s attorney, Eric Hessler, said Monday that Giroir spoke to NOPD internal affairs investigators Monday and admitted authoring the postings.

“His statement is ‘Yes, I did it,’” Hessler said. “He certainly didn’t mean it as a racial comment, as an offensive comment, although it came out that way. He acknowledges he should have chosen better words. I couldn’t agree with him more.”

Hessler said his client is not a racist. “It was a boneheaded comment. He admits so.”

via BlackMediaScoop