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The judge in the campaign finance trial of former US presidential candidate John Edwards has declared a mistrial amid jury deadlock on most charges.

The panel in North Carolina found him not guilty on one of six charges of misuse of campaign funds, but could not agree on the other five.

It is not clear if prosecutors will retry Mr Edwards on the other counts.

Mr Edwards, 58, denied using donor funds to hide his mistress’s pregnancy during his 2008 run for the presidency.

While the cover-up of the affair was going on, Mr Edwards’ wife was fighting breast cancer.

Speaking outside the court, Mr Edwards said he had not done anything illegal but had done an “awful, awful lot that was wrong”.

“If I want to find the person who should be held accountable for my sins, honestly I don’t have to go any further than a mirror. It’s me. It is me and me alone,” he said.

He described his four-year-old daughter with his mistress as “precious”.

The former North Carolina senator could have faced up to 30 years in jail and $1.5m in fines if convicted of all charges.

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