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Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh (pictured) has a talent for stirring up controversy by using cheap shock tactics to express racist sentiment and often goalless criticism of liberals and Democrats. The bombastic media personality also has a knack for speaking out of turn, especially when it comes to Black people. On Tuesday, during his “Rush Limbaugh Show,” the host told his audience that African Americans were “overjoyed” at the news that President Barack Obama has a descendant that was reportedly the first African slave in America, saying that the slave blood makes Obama “authentic.”

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Here’s what the fool said as he read the Obama slave descendant story:

They have discovered that Obama does have slave blood. They are so happy on the left today, they are actually eating meat, they’re so happy…they are celebrating. But it’s on his mother’s side…White woman! They are overjoyed! Remember, Democrats couldn’t stop talking about this during the ’08 campaign. It was all about whether or not Obama was authentic. You can’t, in the Democrat party, be an authentic Black unless you can have ancestral traces to the Deep South and slavery.

Limbaugh’s penchant for the offensive shouldn’t shock anyone at this juncture, but to say that the Democratic Party doesn’t recognize a person’s Blackness unless they have slave blood is taking things too far.

True, critics on the left didn’t help themselves early on by questioning Obama’s Blackness and his mixed parentage, but what Limbaugh is suggesting and how it was worded suggests a sentiment that this White man knows the Black experience far more than he does, which is simply not true.

Large swaths of Black people aren’t celebrating or making Obama’s genealogical discovery a point of victory. Limbaugh’s sensationalist and disrespectful rant, which only entertained himself and his mindless flock, did nothing more but zero in on the fact the he’s out of material and that his shtick is beyond worn.

The fact that he’s paid as handsomely as he is to drone on and be unfunny – especially with all his racist utterances in the press – is baffling.

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Rush Limbaugh, on behalf of African Americans everywhere who aren’t eating meat and celebrating over the James Punch/Obama slave news, please take a seat and get comfortable. That is said respectfully, something that is seemingly a foreign concept to you.

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When Did Rush Limbaugh Become The Authority On Blackness?  was originally published on newsone.com