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CLEVELAND – In the midst of the Indians’ 9-game losing streak and overall losing season, Monday’s most watched video on YouTube in the Cleveland/Akron area is poking fun at the team’s efforts to campaign a comeback back in 2011.

Posted and voiced by comedian Mike Polk, the video called “WHAT IF? (A Loving Tribute to the Cleveland Indians Ad Campaign)” has gotten more than 33,000 views since it hit the Web only four days ago.

Watch the video here (click here if accessing via mobile or tablet: ):

While nostalgic music plays in the background and contributed photos of Progressive Field and Indians players scroll on the screen, Polk asks questions like, “What if the most exciting part of most home games wasn’t watching the interns dressed as condiments pretending to race each other?”

He also questions team ownership and management with questions like, “What if the Indians had used all the money they spent on these fireworks to pay someone, anyone, to play left field?”

Polk’s satire is based off of the MLB’s 2011 Indians campaign video called “Indians: What if?” that challenged viewers to imagine a reality in which the Cleveland major league baseball team never even existed in order to remind fans of the Indians’ legacy, even if it was most prevalent in the team’s early years.

As some die-hard Indians fans take offense to the video, maybe the team will dig deep and turn their losing streak around in the Tribe’s Monday night home game against the Minnesota Twins.

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Article Courtesy of WEWS NewsChannel 5

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