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A national organization advocating for defining marriage being between one man and one woman has announced that they intend to hold a weekly “Chick-fil-A Wednesday.”

In response to the success of the Aug. 1 observance, the National Organization for Marriage began having weekly “Chick-fil-A Wednesdays” beginning Aug. 15.

Jonathan Baker, spokesman for NOM, told The Christian Post that having weekly observances of “Chick-fil-A Wednesday” is meant to “help people to realize they are not alone in their support for marriage.”
“The mainstream media, by repeating the talking points of same-sex marriage activists and perpetuating the falsehood that same-sex marriage is inevitable, has helped to make people feel that they are alone in their support of marriage,” said Baker.
“Chick-fil-A Wednesdays is the perfect antidote in that it encourages people to stand together, to meet with like-minded individuals, and to understand that they are not alone. Supporters of traditional marriage are not hate-filled bigots, they are your neighbors across the street.”
As part of the endeavor, NOM has set up a website, http://www.thankchickfila.com, which allows for visitors to send a thank you card to the chicken sandwich restaurant.

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