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Middle class workers will likely be a deciding factor in who wins this November.

So 19 Action News hit the streets to find out what Cleveland’s blue collar workers are looking for in the candidates, before we name our next president.

“Our economy, I feel hasn’t got a whole lot better.  I hope voters will examine things really well and make a good decision,” said Emily Hete.

Obama isn’t really a good choice.  Romney definitely isn’t a good choice.  For me with the two I have to go with Obama,” said Ricky Tunstall.

And with just 64 days left until the elections voters need to make a decision.

“I think Romney a man who is successful in business will get the job done,” said Jessica Phelps.

And it’s the Hispanic vote that could make or break who is in the White House, so every vote counts.

“It’s real important.  There is good reason to vote because than you have rights.  If you don’t vote you have nothing,” said Paulino Arroyo.

But it all comes down to who heads to the polls and even than there are questions regarding that.

“Is it legal for Mitt Romney to use his nickname instead of his real name,” said Benard Billingsley.

For the record Romney’s full name is Willard Mitt Romney but you won’t see that on the ballot. For the primaries he used Mitt Romney and that’s what you’ll see the day of the election.


Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News

ELECTION 2012: The Key to This Year’s Race – Blue Collar Workers  was originally published on wzakcleveland.com