Things are looking up for OWN after a series of failed shows, layoffs, and bad deals. Oprah Winfrey’s network is now in recovery mode, and beginning to turn around.

According to The Wrap, July to September has been the most promising quarter since the network’s inception. And with new programming, including Tyler Perry’s original shows, OWN ratings will likely grow.

“We’ve been in the pivot, we’re turning, and there’s a lot of points of view about where in the turn you are,” OWN co-president Erik Logan told TheWrap. “We certainly welcome the conversation about, ‘Are you in the beginning part of the turn? Are you out of the turn?’ I think that’s a much better place to be than we were twelve months ago.”

Just six months ago, the network was on its way down the toilet, losing advertisement revenue, laying off several employees, and ratings were slumping.

There’s more work to be done, despite the good reports, but network officials are seeing a positive future for OWN.


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