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via BBC News


The final journey of the retired US space shuttle Endeavour through Los Angeles aboard a giant trolley has been delayed by trees along the route.

The spacecraft that once reached 17,000mph (28,160km/h) has been trundling down the city’s famously low-level boulevards at a stately 2mph.

But technical hitches mean it did not reach its final destination, a museum, on Saturday, as planned.

Its wing had to be manoeuvred around trees too valuable to be cut down.

Thousands of Los Angeles residents turned out to see it pass.

Endeavour began its 12-mile journey from Los Angeles international airport on Friday and is due to end up at the California Science Center.

The 75-ton spacecraft entered service in 1992, making 25 trips, logging 123m miles and circling the globe almost 4,700 times.

Replacing Challenger, which was destroyed in an accident in 1986 that killed seven astronauts, Endeavour was the baby of the shuttle fleet.

Nasa took its shuttles out of service last year in order to focus on destinations beyond low-Earth orbit, such as asteroids and Mars.

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Article courtesy bbc.co.uk