In the battle for Ohio, the fight for votes has been fierce. Many of us have now seen President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney more than we see some family members. Ohio may not have received this much attention since Lebron James up and moved to another battleground state.

“We’ve always been called the mistake on the lake. We got flack from Lebron leaving, so the fact that we really matter is so amazing,” said Diane Merriweather of Cleveland emphatically.

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This cartoon says it all.  With the way the candidates are campaigning,  is there really any other state other than Ohio at this point? But how productive can that be? What more can either candidate really say? Apparently not much to some on both sides!

“I think we’ve heard enough from Mitt Romney,” said Jesse Williams from Grey’s Anatomy stumping for President Obama.

“What could Barack Obama say that would make you vote for him? Never. He’s the worst President in the history of the country,” said Deanna Muresan of University Heights.

No Republican has ever won the Presidency without winning Ohio, and with a race that’s looking to be so close, Obama needs to win the Buckeye state too. That’s why within a twenty four hour period we see Obama at Burke Lakefront Airport, and then Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in North Canton. They are frequent visitors who will continue to visit – a lot. The only question is, will they remember us when it’s all over?

“I hope whoever gets in office, sends some of those Federal dollars our way because we can really use it,” added  Diane Merriweather.

Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News

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