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President Obama is enjoying his victory with those that supported him the most…the minorities of America.  The black community, latino community, as well as young people under the age of 30, hit the voting booth hard, even though numbers were down from 2008, for everyone.

According to Fox News, the exit polls show that 93 percent of the black community came out to the polls for Obama although numbers are a tiny bit lower from 2008, at 95 percent.   But not only did African Americans hit the voting booths for Obama,  71 percent of Hispanics came out, but with a slight gain from 2008, at 67 percent.

Howard University wears “Democracy is a verb” t-shirt to represent the youth who supported President Obama’s re-election as Howard University students gathered in Blackburn Center, Tuesday, November 6, to watch Barack Obama reclaim the White House. (Howard University photo)

The 2008 campaign was led by young people with those under age 30 hitting the poll at 66 percent for Obama.  This election he took a small loss at 60 percent from those under 30.  Whether they took losses or not though, the gain of those that didn’t vote for Obama before made up the differences.  But Hurricane Sandy was another major reason why the President blew back into office:

“About four voters in 10 say Obama’s response to Hurricane Sandy was important to their vote (42 percent), and they backed the president by a better than two-to-one margin.  Fifteen percent said it was the “most important” factor in their vote.”

Clearly, minorities in this country did not trust Mitt Romney with their future.  Check out more of the exit polls here.

via EurWeb