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There has been little talk of Nancy Lanza. When politicians, clergy and media speak of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, there has been scant mention of the mother who was fatally shot in the head with her own gun by her son, Adam Lanza, before he went on a rampage and gunned down 20 children and 6 adults, then killing himself.

If there is chatter, it typically centers around how she must have been a negligent mother to not realize that her son was a monster — a monster she helped create by teaching him how to shoot assault rifles.

As more details have emerged, though, we are getting a clearer picture of Nancy Lanza. Adam’s barber said that not only was she not negligent, she shadowed him and barely let him speak.  His former babysitter, Ryan Kraft, claims that she warned him to never turn his back on her son, not even to go to the bathroom. And, according to a Newtown resident, Nancy Lanza was taking her son to a psychiatrist and attempting to get him involuntarily committed — and that made him angry.

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That potentially explained why he shot his mother 4 times in the head while she was in bed asleep, but what about the children at Sandy Hook Elementary?

Nancy volunteered in kindergarten classes at Sandy Hook, said Joshua Flashman, 25. “[Adam] believed she cared more for the children than she did for him.”


That would explain the cold rage that seemed to define the heinous crime.

Teacher’s aide, Sandi Burton, who called 911, said that all she could tell the dispatcher was that she heard “pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, it wasn’t stopping.”

According to the Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. H. Wayne Carver,  Adam Lanza used a Bushmaster .223 semi-automatic rifle to shoot his 6 and 7-year-old victims at close range. All of them were shot multiple times and at least one was shot 11 times. The rifle was rigged so that he could shoot faster and the type of ammunition used was a type designed to expand its energy from within the victim’s body to inflict as much damage as possible.

When asked did the children suffer, Carver said, “If they did, not for long.”

Connecticut State officials said that the investigation could go on for months. With Sandy Hook Elementary still being classified as a crime scene, when classes resume, students will be attending Chalk Hill, a former middle school in the nearby town of Monroe.


Adam Lanza’s Mother Warned His Former Babysitter: “Don’t Turn Your Back On Him”

UPDATE: Adam Lanza Trained To Shoot By His Mother

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