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The price at the pump is expected to soon go up.

One of the guys we spoke with while filling their tank says, “Of course unfortunately, the consumer is the one who gets stuck with it.”

The current prices were good while they lasted.

Another patron at the gas station said, “Oh yes it was a nice improvement over what we did have.”

Kind of sad to think 3 dollar a gallon gas was a bargain.

“Basically we are conditioned we get excited when we see something for $2.97.”

Alaa Ali of Newburg Gas Inc. heard rumors of an increase sometime ago.

“We’ve been hearing a lot about that.”

Guess who folks blame for their pain at Alaa’s pump.

“They tell me I should get better people, better companies and stop being so stingy.”

Apparently the price of crude jumped 10 dollars a gallon last month.

Ali says, “Its a commodity if you are investing in it you are making money.”

This is usually not a good sign when the new number is higher than the one it replaced.

Ali continues to say, “It’s just business — you really can’t do anything about it.”

Gary Germano, a plumbing contractor driving up to 200 miles a day will feel the pinch of high gas prices.

“It will eat into your profits, 4 dollars I don’t know.”

John Mihalic, a volunteer who drives some 50 miles a day in this van that averages 22 miles a gallon is bracing for the increase.

“I have been watching the price of oil go up steadily.”

And Brenda Stolecki, taking advantage of current prices says if they go too high she’ll have to make some changes.

“Absolutely.  I look for the shortest route.”

Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News

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