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We could be wrong, but it looks like something’s got Minister Farrakhan seriously  spooked about the Mary J. Blige produced Lifetime movie “Betty and Coretta.”

Perhaps it’s because he and other observers feel it makes him look as though he was implicated in the assassination of Malcolm X. In fact, ever since Malcolm’ death, Farrakhan’s name has been mentioned as being involved in his demise.

And as we reported earlier, the Nation of Islam leader did an interview with the organization’s news outlet, Final Call, about the film and the Malcolm murder implication.

Final Call: Why do you think Lifetime, and those who created this movie, is opening up the old wounds of the Malcolm X murder at this time?”

Farrakhan: It is because the murderer of Malcolm X is still alive in the hearts and minds of many, and they wish to charge me with that crime in order to seek to destroy my reputation with the people that love and admire me. And also, to plant the seed in the hearts of those who don’t know me that I am, in fact, a “murderer.”

Final Call: What do you think the motive of Mary J. Blige is in being an ‘executive producer’ when I hear that she likes you?

Farrakhan: I cannot answer for Mary J. Blige except to say that when a person is famous or well-known, sometimes they will give such person “executive producer status” to add to the strength of the film. Mary J. Blige is my friend! And nothing that’s in this movie has diminished my love and respect for her.

Well, after that interview was published Minister Farrakhan hopped on a plane to meet with Blige. Or as Final Call stated: “to further send a clear message that the film ‘Betty and Coretta’ has not diminished his love and respect for singer Mary J. Blige, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan traveled to California on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013 for a joyful lunch and dialogue with her and her husband.”

Hmm, does kinda make you wonder, doesn’t it?

In any event, photos of that meeting are above and below  (see more photos at Final Call).

via EurWeb