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Speaking with “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace, former Massachusetts governor and presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, said that it “kills him” that he didn’t defeat President Barack Obama in the 2012 election, reports

“It kills me not to be there, not to be in the White House,” Romney said dejectedly.

His wife, Ann, who sat next to him, agreed. “I’m like a she-lion when it comes to defending him,” she said. “And I mourn the fact that he’s not there.” Of the defeat, she added: “We were a little blindsided.”

Mitt acknowledged that he was surprised by the loss, but showed some real contrition. “I lost my election because of my campaign, not because of what anyone else did,” he said.

Ann, however, said she was “happy to blame the media.” The press’ bias “never let the American people see the real Mitt,” she explained.

Romney said that when Obama won Florida, there was a “slow recognition” that he was going to lose because he thought that he was a sure-thing in the Sunshine State. The moment that he lost was particularly tough on Ann, who cried in defeat.

Watch Mitten’s breakdown below:

Though Romney said that he won’t take a third shot at the White House, he did suggest a future game-plan for his fellow conservatives:

Do not under-estimate the influence of low-income and minority voters.

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