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CLEVELAND – At a news conference, Cleveland Police Chief Mike McGrath called their safety plan “a community effort” to make where we live safer.

More importantly, the strategies being implemented change by the month.

While noting the summer strategies to address safety are “not a whole lot different than what we’ve been doing all along,” McGrath said there is something very new. More officers will be working in specific units.

Cleveland’s Police Department just graduated a 40 cadet class, and on Monday, a lateral entry class (certified Ohio police officers) of 24 is coming in.

The department will continue to its STANCE and V-GRIP programs to keep residents safe. The programs have targeted hot spots in city where gun violence and gang activity is most prevalent.

V-GRIP has led to 495 arrests and more than 50 guns taken off the streets in 2012 alone.

“This year, we’ll add 20 detectives to the gang impact squad, giving us three squads,” said McGrath.

Some of the other effective summer safety programs are the Knock and Talk, anti-bullying system and RED system.

RED system teaches adults about how to protect yourself if you’re being sexually assaulted.

Safety director Martin Flask said  fire trucks have been equipped with advanced life support in case of critical emergencies.

“Fire and EMS do more than just respond to emergencies,” Flask explained. EMS workers and firefighters have also provided thousands of free health care screenings throughout the city, along with First-Aid and CPR training.

“What EMS and fire do for this community is equally important” as what police officers do, Flask said.

SOURCE: NewsNet5.com

Article and Picture Courtesy of WEWS NewsChannel 5

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