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The babies on the bus go fly-y-ying.

Police in Hartford, Conn., are investigating a video that shows a woman tossing a child aside on the bus before attacking a fellow passenger she claimed “disrespected her in front of her baby.”

The incident took place around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, Transit general manager David Lee told the Hartford Courant.

In the video, originally uploaded to YouTube, a woman holding a baby on her lap is in a shouting match with another female passenger towards the back of the bus.

“I will thrash you on this bus,” the woman can be heard yelling. “Somebody grab my baby.”

She later complains, “F*ck that, this b*tch is disrespecting me in front of my baby.” Seconds later, she thrusts the child into the arms of a surprised passenger before heading to the back to whale on the other woman.

The altercation began after the other passenger began talking about the woman’s child, according to My Fox Boston.

Lee said the bus driver stopped the bus, but the woman fled before he was able to call the cops.

Investigators do not know who uploaded the video of the incident.

A person whose comment appeared on the original upload — which has since been removedpurported to be an acquaintance of the baby tosser, according to Gawker. User tareka281 wrote:

“That’s my b*tch/home girl. F*ck everybody’s negative comments she shouldnt have threw the baby but she deserved to get in that girl ass lmao don’t talk about nobodys child b*tch.”

WATCH: The following video contains language that may be unsuitable for some audiences


Article Courtesy of The Huffington Post

Video and Picture Courtesy of LiveLeak and The Huffington Post

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