CLEVELAND – Cleveland police chief said a dozen supervisors are facing disciplinary action as a result of an internal investigation into a chase and shooting that left two suspects dead.

During a news conference Tuesday, Chief Michael McGrath said 12 supervisors – one captain, one lieutenant and 10 sergeants – did not follow policy. There were a total of 46 supervisors on duty the night of the Nov. 29 chase that ended when officers fired 137 shots at a car, killing Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

McGrath said a list of the supervisors and the charges each is facing was released at the end of the news conference (check back later for the details).

The supervisors being disciplined showed a lack of leadership that night, McGrath said.

“In hindsight, I would have acted differently, but I was not there,” said McGrath.

A news conference at a later date will reveal disciplinary actions against the officers who were not compliant during the chase.

Last week during a news conference, the department revealed that 61 percent of the officers on duty the night of the chase did not violate policies or procedures, and 36 percent were in non-compliance. Also, the department said 65 percent of supervisors on duty followed policy/procedure, while 13 percent were not in compliance.

The Department of Justice earlier this year launched an investigation into the Cleveland Division of Police, and said a pattern of events prompted the case to be opened. The DOJ has since met with community members and groups who voiced their concerns about Cleveland police.


Article and Picture Courtesy of WEWS NewsChannel 5

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