7th grade students from the Watterson-Lake Elementary school spent Tuesday at The Ritz-Carlton hotel downtown. The students were participants in the Ritz-Carlton’s succeed through service program.

This is the second year that the Ritz-Carlton has paired up with this elementary school to host the program. Once a year, The Ritz-Carlton employees mentor the young students in etiquette and necessary life skills while engaging them in service learning projects and career exploration.

While at the hotel, students participated in hands-on activities such as painting flower pots and learning how to decorate cupcakes. Students decorated one flower pot to donate to the local Ronald McDonald house and one flower pot for their own homes.

Students were taught kitchen etiquette and how to decorate cupcakes by a Ritz-Carlton pastry chef. Students learned table etiquette and serving tips from a Ritz-Carlton dining employee.

The program is one of the positive ways the Ritz-Carlton is giving back to our community. The students were extremely polite and grateful to spend their day learning at the hotel. The Ritz-Carlton employees hope to inspire the children to embrace concepts such as teamwork and environmental responsibility, while introducing them to different careers and life skills.


Article and Picture Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News

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