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Is twerking for A’s the new sexing for tracks?  If this All Hip-Hop video circulating around the web today is any indication, it sure seems that way.

The woman in the video, alleged by commentator T.J. Sotomayor to be a student in a Physics classroom, can  be seen half-naked, bent over at the waist twerking as if her life — or passing the class — depended on it. With a huge dog on each butt cheek, the unidentified woman twerks and claps to “Who Let The Dogs Out” in front of a classroom of people and who appears to be a White instructor.

Her classmates can be heard in the background, clearly shocked,  but enjoying the performance; while the White instructor can be seen trying to get his wobble on in the corner as he looks on in awe.

One woman, who seems to be holding the camera, can be heard saying, “You know I can only do this in my mind!”


While the school’s name has not been confirmed, at least one YouTube user commented that it’s not a traditional university, but the Worlds Only Tattoo School in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Unable to believe that this was really a female student in any Physics classroom in America, NewsOne did a little digging and discovered that the video was originally posted to YouTube by Monshelle Hall on January 20, 2011, the “student” is identified as Ashley, and the “school” is, in fact, the Worlds Only Tattoo School in Sherveport.


So the rumor is half-true. The twerking did take place in a classroom, just not a Physics classroom. We’re not sure that makes it any better, but at least the truth is out now.

The art of “twerking” has recently made it’s way into the mainstream due in large part to the cultural reappropriation by former Disney tween star Miley Cyrus, who can be seen twerking in videos, on YouTube and on stage with rapper Juicy J.

While some Black women defend twerking as an artform, others claim that it’s a highly sexualized dance better suited for the strip club than a dance floor.

The dance’s origins can be traced back to the Ivory Coast of Africa where the “Mapouka” is danced with abandon.

See the Mapouka below [EXPLICIT VIDEO]:

Though twerking clearly originated in Africa, does that make it acceptable artform? Or is it just baseless gyrating?

Weigh in!

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