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AKRON, Ohio – Eric Morrison and Scott Kenimond say they saw Cedar Point’s contest on its OnPoint blog: 13 couples to get married during September’s Friday the 13th opening of Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends.

But when they learned the offer didn’t apply to same sex couples, they took action.

“We both have a love of roller coasters,” said Kenimond. The couple is in love, and in love with coasters, so a contest to get married at Cedar Point for the opening night of HalloWeekends seemed just right.

“You were going to be married by a Zombie, or renew your vows by a Zombie. And you had to dress like Zombies,” Kenimond said. “So it was just kind of cool because we both love Halloween, we both love roller coasters, we both love Cedar Point, so I just thought it was like, the dream thing.”

But the fine print said only a man and woman could be selected due to marriage laws in Ohio.

Kenimond says other ceremonies the ad alluded to, aren’t legal either.

“Vow renewals are not legal weddings so I don’t understand why they were excluding commitment ceremonies,” he said. “So we just set out to raise some awareness and maybe get them to open it up as opposed to keeping it shut.”

To their disappointment, the couple’s social media campaign led the park to end the contest.

Kenimond says Cedar Point could have chosen any couples it liked, but everyone should have a shot at it.

“In today’s world, it’s just not a fair thing to do to leave people out,” he said.

While they won’t get the zombie wedding of their dreams, these thrill seekers may still take the plunge at America’s rocking roller coast.

“It would have been cool you know. It would have been like, the ultimate commitment ceremony,” said Kenimond. “(But) I still love the park. I still absolutely adore the park. There’s no place like it on the planet.”



Article and Picture Courtesy of WKYC Channel 3 News

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