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UPDATED 9/4/13, 4:36 P.M.: In an interview, Sheryl Underwood asks the public to forgive the statements she made about Black hair, saying in part on CurlyNikki:

That was a bad choice of words. A bad juxtaposition of words to imply that our hair is not good. I made a mistake. I will own up to that mistake. I’m going to talk to God and change the way I articulate things and be more cognizant. I’m not perfect and I bet if you put a camera on someone all day, they’d eventually say something they’d regret too. I am asking you to forgive me for the statement I made, which to me, is a power only God has, really.

Read the rest of the interview here.

“The Talk’s” co-star Sheryl Underwood (pictured) enraged Twitter, when she went on a rant involving model Heidi Klum, her children, and Afro hair.

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While the always opinionated Underwood was co-hosting a segment on her show, Klum’s quote about what she does with her children’s hair came up: Klum reportedly said that her children, which she had with singer Seal, sported ”big Afros.” Klum also mentioned that when she shaves their kids’ Afros down, she saves their hair.

When Underwood heard how Klum saved their hair, she asked her talk show panelist hosts incredulously, ”Why?”  Underwood, who is known for her in-your-face humor and round-the-way-girl wit, went on to imply that no one wants Afro hair and then asked who ever heard of a woman in a hair salon requesting “curly, nappy, beady [hair]…that just seems nasty.”

When “The Talk’s” co-host Sarah Gilbert, who has curly hair, joined the discussion to add that she, too, saves her children’s cut hair, Underwood then stated that theirs was probably “some beautiful, long, silky” stuff, inferring that Caucasian tresses were worth holding on to.

Watch Sheryl Underwood’s comments on Afro hair here:

But many viewers felt Underwood’s comments were a clear depiction of self-hate and took their ire to Twitter with the following comments:

Sheryl Underwood@sherylunderwood

@TamikaLRobinson: @sherylunderwood I thought/hoped you knew better, but it is obvious that you don’t.

Sheryl Underwood@sherylunderwood

@4daluvofbunny: @sherylunderwood what does your hair look like underneath your wigs? Nappy. Don’t stay lost love.

Sheryl Underwood@sherylunderwood

@anukmt: @sherylunderwood Who knew you were such a self-hating coon girl?” – not a coon brother…just a sister with bad joke judgement…

Sheryl Underwood@sherylunderwood

@thatpreacha: When is @sherylunderwood going to make a real statement concerning her horrible remarks

Sheryl Underwood@sherylunderwood

@PMcherrin: @sherylunderwood I respect hedi Klum more. At least she tries to embrace the blackness of her children.

Sheryl Underwood@sherylunderwood

@VOTE4Nono: @_KollegeKidd @sherylunderwood @TheTalk_CBS Sad that #HeidiKlum sees beauty in afros

So far, Underwood has not issued an apology for her “insensitive” remarks.

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Sheryl Underwood’s ‘Nappy Hair’ Comments Come Under Fire Via Twitter  was originally published on newsone.com