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President Barack Obama has a lot on his plate between the ongoing crisis in Syria to the war on Obamacare by the Republicans, but the public would be surprised to learn that his biggest fear comes from inside of the White House.

While at the United Nations in New York City on Tuesday, a microphone picked up a private conversation the president was having with other world leaders who were all in attendance for the General Assembly.

The recording captured the president teasing U.N. official Maina Kiai about his smoking habit. He then shares that he has gone six years without a cigarette.

“That’s because I’m scared of my wife.”

Whoa,  say what?!

His revelation was followed by a smile and laugh which perfectly captures the reasons Americans have fallen in love with the Obamas. Their relationship has always come off like less of the conventional political power marriage and more of a traditional balance comprised of two people who truly love each other, as TheRoot‘s Keli Goff points out.

The president is real enough to admit that just like many married men, the one place he is not in charge is his home and that he has one person to keep him in check.

People really enjoy watching the dynamics between the couple with Michelle Obama keeping him level headed and grounded even before Barack’s reign as the president. She has openly criticized her husband for not taking the time to pick up his dirty socks, a statement that some political consultants may slam but the average takes as a sign that the president is relatable.

That same relatability spills over into the Obama family as a whole and enhances the president’s likability, which helped him win against the distaste some Americans felt towards his economic policy. Although his wife has faced much criticism in the past and had to fight against the the “angry black woman” label, she has proven to be one of greatest assets.

Audio/video of the comment:

via EURWeb

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