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Just this past week 3 young African-American males lost their lives to gun violence. Don’t get me wrong it would’ve been a tragedy despite the ethnicity of these young men but the facts is they were black. Will the violence end? Finding the answer to that question seems out of my control the better question is Am I doing enough to motivate our young people to want more in their lives?  Of course I’m not and it is imperative that I do more. Cleveland has been apart of the national dialogue for the wrong reasons; Lebron, violence, Lebron, graduation rates, Lebron, being ranked one of the Top Impoverished cities, and oh yeah Lebron. But believe me there is much more to our wonderful city then that. To the world I want to say, that there is no mistake about our lake because our lake is a blessing. The opportunity that we have to lead the world in green initiatives is amazing. Wind turbines should eventually power our city. Yes your right the Cleveland Cavaliers are struggling to become the world NBA champions but Cleveland Clinic are the champions in the healthcare world. (I can’t lie losing to the Celtics hurt my heart but atleast I have the Cleveland Clinic to fix whatever is broken) I could really go on and on about what Cleveland has to offer but there’s one motto that I believe sums it all up; If you can make it here you can make it anywhere. I strongly believe that! Lately i’ve been thinking what can I do to better my city on a bigger level. Lately I’ve been thinking about politics. Lately I’ve been thinking about City Hall. Lately I’ve been thinking about 2013. Lately I’ve been thinking about change.

– Basheer Jones

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