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Memphis minister Rodney Carr (pictured), who was arrested last year and charged with criminal exposure to HIV  for knowingly infecting a woman, was recently spotted on a popular Black dating website, BlackPeopleMeet, looking to hook up with a potential mate, reports WREG Memphis.

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Carr, who reportedly tested positive in 2005 for HIV, allegedly infected a married woman whom he reportedly dated in 2010 and 2011; her identity has not been revealed.

On a routine gynecological visit, the woman’s physician reportedly suggested an HIV test. When she reportedly received her results, she knew Carr had infected her. According to the woman, the 47-year-old preacher never told her he was HIV positive. The woman claims she trusted Carr, because he is a minister.

The victim, who claims she has only been with Carr and her husband, says that her spouse does not have the virus.

On the dating website, Carr has two profiles: one under his name and another where he is listed as “Minterwonderful.” When the unnamed victim was told about Carr’s online profiles, she told WREG, “He’s not wonderful. He’s a creep. Going around doing what he’s doing. He’s not wonderful at all.”

Watch news coverage of Rodney Carr’s (a.k.a. Minterwonderful’s) dating profile here:

The woman believes Carr has infected other women who have thus far not come forward.

Still, Carr claims that he did not infect the woman, nor would he confirm his HIV status to WREG reporters at a recent court appearance.

Regarding Carr’s profile on the dating site, the victim told WREG, “He’s really trying to get with other women. He has HIV and he’s spreading it so he just really needs to be off the site. He needs to be off the site,” she laments.

A guilty sentence for Carr could result in two years prison time and up to a $500 fine.

Meanwhile, WREG tried contacting BlackPeopleMeet to find out their stance regarding its members who are charged with crimes, but there reportedly is still no word from the site’s administrators.  WREG also notified them of Carr’s charges.

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