According to a recent study by the Williams Institute, the number of African-Americans within the LBGTQ community is rising fast.

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The study estimates that there are 1,018,700 LBGTQ African-American adults in the U.S today. Eighty-four thousand African-Americans are in same-sex couple households, with 33.9% of couples raising children.

These couples tend to live in areas with large numbers of African-Americans, as opposed to places with broad LBGTQ populations. Over 25% of Black, same-sex couples reside in Georgia, New York, Maryland and North Carolina.

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There also seems to be an interracial component to the study. Forty-seven percent of same sex couples with one African-American partner feature another partner of another race.

Other key findings in the report show that 58% of African-American LBGTQ couples are female. LBGTQ African-Americans are also more economically challenged. They have higher unemployment rates compared to heterosexual African-Americans-15% vs. 12%. Twenty-three percent of LBGTQ African-Americans have received a college degree or higher, compared to 26% for non-LBGTQ African-Americans. They’re also less likely to have insurance for both partners than in straight, Black couples, and report a lower median income than different sex unions $(25,000 vs. $26,700).

According to Angeliki Kastanis, who co-authored the report at the Williams Institute, this disenfranchising largely comes from lack of support for LBGTQ communities.

“LGBT African-American parents and their children evidence significant economic disadvantage and many live in states without LGBT anti-discrimination laws or marriage equality. Establishing these important legal protections could really help these families,” she said.

The report used data from the 2010 U.S. Census, a Gallup Data tracking survey, and the 2008-2010 American Community Survey.

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